Community First


Consultation has involved several stages and many people:

  • A number of community meetings and displays
  • A household survey
  • Consultations with Developers

Further details of each are below

Community Meetings

The current Neighbourhood Plan process originated in Ashover at a Council meeting in November 2014 when it was decided to set up a joint Council/Community working group. A formal inaugural meeting was held in December 2014 and identified three community vokunteer members, three Councillors along with a consultant from 'Your Locale' as the Steering Group .

A constitution for the Steering Committee was drafted and agreed in December 2014, and agreement was reached to meet on a monthly basis.

Formal Notification from NEDDC

Household Survey and Results

Early in 2015 the steering group finalized a questionnaire for all 875 households in the parish. The questionnaire sought peoples' views on such things as scale of development, suitable sites for new homes, employment etc. the questionnaire is shown below. Some 238 responses (over 27% of households) completed and returned the two page questionnaire, and there were numerous comments and suggestions in addition to the multiple choice questions. Data analysis was done by members of the Neighbourhood Plan working group. The draft results are attached below.

Survey report and Analysis

Emerging Policies Presentation

Drop in Event Consultation Analysis

Developer Consultation

Pre Submission Comments

Notes of Meetings with NEDDC

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