Community First

Since moving to Ashover in 2004 I have tried to become involved in a number of local community initiatives, which I know from our personal experience, plays a large part in making Ashover parish what it is today, a caring community.

My outside interest are: Smallholding, Walking, Socialising, Tennis.

I am also active in local sports participation, which I believe helps bring people and the community together, and continues the tradition of these sports.

I am also a current member of the Parish Council's Climate Change working group, and a Committee Member of the Ashover Show.

I believe that with my experience and commitment to being involved in the Ashover Community I can further help in the local community and also in the objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan, which sets out a long-term approach for the development of Ashover Parish.

Address:- Far Hill House, Milken Lane, Ashover S45 0BB

Telephone:- 07803 230702

Email:- via

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