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Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

It is nearly time to say Goodbye to our Rector Ralph Lawrence and his wife Sue. Ralph will be retiring at the end of September after 16 years serving the four parishes of Ashover, Brackenfield, Handley and Wessington. The Ministry Team and church wardens are stepping into the breach until another rector is appointed; they are beginning to realise just how much Ralph has had to do to look after our churches and communities.

Bishop David Hawtin said at Ralph's induction service that Ralph was quiet and humble, "which he has proved to be in his time with us. We have found him to be conscientious, faithful, determined and devoted in his calling to serve us all" commented one couple while someone else felt drawn to "mention Ralph's very kind, sensitive, meaningful and memorable funeral services. I haven't been to any, anywhere, that have meant as much to me as those he has held."

We all have our memories and reasons to be grateful for Ralph's considerate and gentle ways. In these times we will not be able to have a large-scale farewell event but this does not mean we are any the less appreciative of his service to us. Thank you, Ralph and Sue.

Posted: Tue, 08 Sep 2020 09:40 by Sara Atkinson

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