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A632 Road Safety

In recent years, there have unfortunately been accidents on the A632, especially around the Span Car crossroads – the junction with Birkin Lane and Alicehead Road. Causes seem to be related to traffic emerging from the minor roads when it is unsafe to do so, coupled with excessive speed on the A632 along the stretch known locally as the 'Flying Mile'.

Similarly, the 40 mph speed limit through Kelstedge is often ignored which can be hazardous for pedestrians trying to cross the road.

Ashover Parish Council has, on numerous occasions, raised these concerns with the Police and the County Council, but progress has been disappointing. Arising from the latest accident at Span Car crossroads the Parish Council is again pursuing the issue with the Police and County Council, as well as taking steps to convene a public meeting with our local MP, Lee Rowley, with a view to securing his support for long overdue action.

Posted: Wed, 22 Jun 2022 13:36 by Sara Atkinson

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