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Fake police phone call scam warning

Message from the Police:-

"We have seen an increase in scam calls from fake police officers asking people to give money to couriers for a hoax investigation.

This has been reported across Derbyshire but notably in the Shirebrook area.

Fraud Protect Officer Tammy Barnes said:

"These callers pretend to be investigating a crime involving the victims' card or bank account.

"They then ask for money transfers, or even for cash withdrawals or bank cards to be given to a courier, to 'assist with the investigation.' Which the police will never do."

"We also know that these fraudsters can target geographical areas where they know elderly or vulnerable people live, so please spread this message far and wide."

It's also important to note on previous occasions the caller has asked the victim to call 999 to verify their claims but instead remains on the line to complete the scam.

The police will never contact you to request banking information or ask for funds to aid an investigation."

If you receive a call like this – hang up and contact us to report it as soon as possible.

We can then assess where is being targeted, alert banks and prevent other scams.

Visit our website for full details of the scam:

Posted: Thu, 12 Jan 2023 10:17 by Sara Atkinson

Tags: Crime & Disorder